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Get an orthotic screening at Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre in Langley. An orthotic screening takes about fifteen minutes and includes a computerized gait analysis and printed report. Any problems you have are explained to you.

Why Get an Orthotic Screening?

Many people can benefit from custom foot orthotics. You may need them to enhance athletic performance or to redistribute weight on your feet in order to correct any abnormal foot motions or eliminate knee pain. Children, teens, adults, and seniors can find benefits in custom orthotics. Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre offers inserts for all types of shoes, arthritic feet, and sandals.

What Are Custom Foot Orthotics?

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Custom foot orthotics or orthotic therapy helps maintain and restore your structural and functional balance. Orthotics can also help relieve pain. Since everything in the body is related, if there is something wrong with your feet this may affect your shins, ankles, knees, hips, or back. Orthotics cannot only correct gait problems and relive knee pain, but prevent future issues. Orthotics are also very important for those who have diabetes. Diabetes can impair circulation and limit sensation to the feet which can lead to severe problems. Orthotics can relieve some of these symptoms.

Benefits Of The Orthotic Group’s Orthotics

Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre carries FootPrints® Orthotics. With this brand, we use The Orthotic Group’s method for assessing your orthotic needs. Traditional methods of assessing your custom orthotic needs have been inaccurate in the past. Since foot dysfunction and related knee pain often happen when you bear weight and are active (standing, walking, running, etc.), The Orthotic Group’s method assesses your feet in a more dynamic test.

The Orthotic Group’s GaitScan takes accurate assessment of your foot function to determine the right orthotics for you. Orthotics produced through this test are usually thinner, lighter, and more specific to your feet and can be worn with your everyday shoes.

Fitting for Your Custom Orthotics

When you place an order for custom orthotics, you undergo a thorough biomechanical evaluation and consultation. This will help us determine the right orthotic to fit your needs. We offer orthotic inserts for:

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  • All types of shoes
  • All sports shoes, skates, and ski-boots
  • Accommodative inserts for diabetics
  • Arthritic feet
  • Sandal orthotics

What Custom Foot Orthotics Treat

At Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre, our custom foot orthotics help treat or prevent:

  • Low back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel spurs or broken sesamoid bones
  • Bunions
  • Neuropathic foot pain

For more information about FootPrints® Orthotics, please visit their website. If you think custom orthotic inserts are right for you, contact Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre in Langley to set up your orthotic screening. Most extended health plans provide orthotic coverage. RCMPs are currently approved for one pair of orthotics per year.

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