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Chiropractic Programs Available at Our Langley Health Clinic

It has been our clinical experience that a well thought-out program of care results in the best clinical outcomes. At Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre in Langley, we advocate an individualized program of care, as healing is a process that occurs over time through a consistent treatment plan.

Our programs include relief-based intensive care, corrective care, and proactive care.

How to Get the Most Benefit from Your Program of Care

Above all, we want you to know what we know about your current level of health, so that you are empowered enough to make decisions regarding your most valuable possession, your body. Chiropractic care is a unique proactive approach to health! To fully benefit from chiropractic care, you need to understand your condition, why it is present and what impact this might have on your long-term health.

Our clinical team excels at providing important information to you in an understandable fashion. Everything, from the very first test done at the time of your initial examination through to your various treatment options are fully explained in advanced. There are no surprises and no procedures are done without your full consent.

If after a thorough examination, our clinical team believes that we cannot help you reach your health care goals, we will refer you to an appropriate health care professional.

Relief Care

Relief care is where most patients begin their chiropractic care.

This first stage of care primarily focuses on treating your most obvious symptoms to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort. This is the beginning of your spinal rehabilitation. Treatments focus on those techniques and therapies that most quickly and effectively provide symptomatic relief. This will allow the majority of individuals to continue their activities of daily living. Patients are generally recommended to “take it easy,” but are encouraged to stay mobile and functional so long as there is not a risk of further injury or tissue damage. Therapies that reduce inflammation and muscle spasm are also used during this stage when present. Visits can be frequent, depending on the severity of your condition.

Corrective Care

Corrective care often begins when your symptoms have diminished. Corrective care is the second phase of care.

The objective is to stabilize spinal functions and promote more complete healing thereby protecting against imminent relapse. Muscles and soft tissue of the spine are strengthened during this stage of care as your spine corrects to an optimal state. This consists of correcting the problems which caused and contributed to the condition and healing and rehabilitating the injured tissues.

This type of care at this crucial time helps to maintain movement and continue the correction as the region stabilizes for more complete healing.

Without corrective care, a long-term positive outcome is not likely and future recurrences of the issue are possible. It is very important that the patient complies with and follows the instructions given by the chiropractor during the corrective care stage. Tissues and structures that are not fully healed and rehabilitated are susceptible to future problems. Keeping up with appointments, continuing home exercises and instructions, and adhering to all other recommendations will help ensure this occurs. While pain and discomfort may subside, tissue healing and functional correction may still be incomplete and need more treatments.

Proactive Care

Proactive care helps keep the pain away.

Once spinal tissues are healed and spinal biomechanics have normalized the patient will be recommended to continue with periodic spinal checkups. This final phase of care is called proactive care.

Once maximum restoration of spinal function has been achieved, the doctor will suggest an individual program of proactive care, based on the daily stresses in your life, including activity level, ergonomic factors at work and home, as well as age, previous injury, and your commitment to home exercises. For some this might mean once per year, for others this may mean once per month or more. Chiropractic spinal checkups provide similar benefits to the spine that dental checkups provide to the teeth, namely, catching minor problems and disturbances before they have the opportunity to cause pain, discomfort, or irreversible tissue changes. Just like with cavities and heart attacks, irreversible tissue damage has generally occurred before the symptoms of spinal pain and discomfort become apparent. Therefore, this type of wellness care can save time and money by helping little problems from becoming serious.

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