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Chiropractic Exams & Adjustments With Chiropractors In Langley

At Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre in Langley, one our main focuses is on chiropractic care.

What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the adjustment or realignment of the spinal bones to restore proper spinal and nerve system function and promote the healing process. Continued care helps re-educate and retrain damaged muscles, ligaments, and other supportive tissue. The primary chiropractic treatment is the adjustment. An adjustment is a gentle, specific force applied to a specific joint. Patients are often pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this procedure is.

Proactive vs. Reactive Chiropractic Care

The chiropractors at Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre practice proactive care. We focus on prevention, offering adjustments for patients who may be symptom free, but wish to maintain optimal health. Similar to how you visit your dentist to clean and exam your teeth, proactive care from a chiropractor can help keep painful issues from developing.

Chiropractic Treatments & Programs

Accu Stim Therapy

Since your body works as a whole rather than as individual systems, our programs are designed to reflect your whole lifestyle. Our programs take into account various stresses, both psychical (e.g. sitting at your desk for long periods of time or poor posture) and emotional (e.g. depression, moodiness, or anxiety), in order to provide you with the right treatment and information to help you heal properly or prevent future problems.

Program Options

For most patients, chiropractic care consists of the following phases:

  1. Symptom relief – this phases could include adjustments to reduce pain or other discomforts that are affecting you now
  2. Tissue healing and normalizing function – this phase addresses deeper issues to help you get back your to your optimal mobility
  3. Preventative care – this final phase consists of periodic spinal care to help prevent injuries and minimize flare-ups of old injuries

What to Expect from Chiropractic Care

First Visit

When you visit Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre for the first time you will be asked to fill out one of our New Patient Forms. From there you will have a consultation with one of our doctors to assess you condition and overall health. We will ask about your health history to determine if chiropractic care will work for your case.

Chiropractic Exam

A chiropractic exam will also be performed during the first visit so that we can determine your overall muscle tone and strength, reflexes, posture, and ability to turn and bend. As indicated by your consultation, your exam could include an orthopedic and neurological examination. Upon your consent to our recommendations, your chiropractor will commence your care when the results of your tests become available. Expect to spend about 1 hour in the clinic on your first visit.

Second Visit

During your second visit, your chiropractor will show you the results of the initial examination, explaining what they mean and how your body functions in regards to your nervous system. You may discuss various physical, emotional, or chemical stressors that cause your discomfort. This will help your chiropractor know how to best manage your case. The chiropractor will prescribe a program for your unique health problems and health care goals. This is generally when you receive your first chiropractic adjustment. We use only gentle low force techniques to maximize effectiveness and comfort. Most people report a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation, or increased energy after their adjustments. Expect to spend about 15 minutes in the clinic.

Regular Visits

During a routine appointment, chiropractic adjustments are the primary treatment. An adjustment consists of a gentle and specific force applied to a specific joint in the body. For many patients, they find the procedure pleasantly comfortable. If your progress is as expected and your case remains uncomplicated by new injuries or symptoms, expect to spend 10 minutes in the office.


At Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre, our Langley chiropractors regularly track your progress to assess your status and treatment program. Periodic re-testing incorporating only the essential tests for your particular case will be conducted. Your doctor will make further recommendations based on the exam findings. A treatment will follow the testing procedures. Expect to spend 20-30 minutes in the clinic.

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