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A Chiropractor in Langley Can Treat Your Sports Injury

Professional athletes, amateur athletes, weekend warriors, and those living active lives all run the risk of suffering a traumatic, possibly career ending, injury. With a proper warm up, awareness to form, and appropriate equipment, all athletes are able to play safely – yet injuries happen when you least expect it for a variety of reasons.

In Canada, chiropractic has a long and vibrant history of treating recreational and professional athletes. Chiropractors in Langley are trained to assess, diagnose and manage sports-related injuries as part of their core competencies. At Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre in Langley, our main focus is on chiropractic care - including relief-based intensive care, corrective care, and proactive care.

According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, a Statistics Canada 2010 community health survey showed that 66 percent of adolescent injuries were related to sports, and among working-age adults, sports and work were the main source of injuries at 47 percent.

Causes of injury include excessive training, inappropriate training methods, and perilous exercise equipment but structural abnormalities and muscle imbalances/weakness can also lead to injury, including the ankles, knees, elbows, shoulder, or spine. Commonly, sports injuries are caused by traumatic force to a joint in motion causing hyperextension or hyperflexion, which may cause significant pain and debilitation taking you away from the sports that you enjoy, and in extreme cases your job and lifestyle.

Conservative chiropractic care, depending on the injury and mechanism, may include joint manipulation and mobilization, soft tissue therapies, adjunct modalities, rehabilitation and individualized exercises, and lifestyle advice to restore proper function, enhance healing of damaged tissue, and reduce pain. Chiropractors in Langley, like those at the Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre can also help you, in partnership, determine the best strategy to return to play.

To prevent injury, especially for the professional or serious amateur athlete, the Canadian Chiropractic Association recommends that “Before starting a new exercise program or sport, visit your chiropractor to determine what measures can be taken to prevent injury or enhance performance.”

Fortunately, the chiropractors in Langley at Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre practice proactive care, focusing on prevention, offering adjustments for patients who may be symptom free, but wish to maintain optimal health to keep painful issues from developing. Since your body works as a whole rather than as individual systems, our programs are designed to reflect your whole lifestyle, accounting for the various stresses, both physical and emotional, in order to provide you with the right treatment and information to help you heal properly or prevent future problems.

Proactive care and prevention are essential, however for most patients, chiropractic care consists of the following phases:

  • Symptom relief – this phase could include adjustments to reduce pain or other discomforts that are affecting you now.
  • Tissue healing and normalizing function – this phase addresses deeper issues to help you get back your to your optimal mobility.
  • Preventative care – this final phase consists of periodic spinal care to help prevent injuries and minimize flare-ups of old injuries.

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