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Chiropractors, RMTs & Other Professionals

At Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre in Langley, our objective is to exceed your expectations! Our clinic aim is to increase individual health awareness and provide those patients serious about improving their health (proactive patients) with the means to do so. To enhance your overall health care and awareness, our clinical team includes the following practitioners:

Dr. Kenneth H. Mikkelsen

Clinic Director

Dr. Mikkelsen received a Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial College, Toronto, Ontario in 1975. He founded Brookswood Chiropractic, located in Langley, BC the same year. He has since established Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre, expanding the clinic, offering a proactive patient-centred, multi-disciplinary approach. He is continually researching and implementing the latest technology to ensure he is providing his patients with the best care available. Dr. Mikkelsen has been at the same location in Langley for 40 years, now treating 2nd and 3rd generation families, a testament to his commitment to both the community and his patients.

Dr. Mikkelsen has been team chiropractor with Canada’s National Swim Team throughout regular training and international level competitions since 1986. As well, was the team chiropractor with the Canadian Men’s Downhill Ski Team during the ’90-91 seasons on the World Cup Circuit. He has provided his unique perspectives pertaining to injury prevention and enhancement for optimal performance at over 100 national and international competitions including the Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, World Aquatic Championship’s, and the last Seven Olympic Summer games. Dr. Mikkelsen is currently a member of the Integrated Support Team (IST) for Pacific Sport at the High Performance National Training Centre, part of Own The Podium program, located at the University of British Columbia.


Canadian Chiropractic Association Life Member Award

In 2016

Dr. Mikkelsen was presented with an award in recognition of 30 years of outstanding service to Swimming Canada’s National Team programs. Dr. Mikkelsen has been the team Chiropractor at the last 7 Olympic Games.

In 2015

The Canadian Chiropractic Association bestowed Dr. Mikkelsen with the prestigious Life Member Award at a gala dinner and awards ceremony in recognition of his lifetime service to the profession, the development of chiropractic, and advancing the success of the chiropractic profession.

In 2007

The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce awarded Dr. Mikkelsen The Business Excellence Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the community through innovation, growth, and effective human resource management

Dr. Walter T Sturdy Admissions Scholarship from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Association and Memberships

Affiliation – Team Chiropractor

  • Swimming Canada/Natation National Team Chiropractor
  • Summer and Winter National Championships, 1987- 2004
  • European Tour 1987 – Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo
  • Pan Pacific Games 1987 – Brisbane, Australia
  • Olympic Games 1988 – Seoul, Korea
  • Commonwealth Team Preparation 1990
  • World Cup Team 1992 – Germany, Italy, France, England
  • Olympic Trials 1992 – Montreal
  • Olympic preparations for Barcelona – Canet, France
  • Olympic Games 1992 – Barcelona, Spain
  • Olympic Trials 1996 – Montreal
  • Olympic Games 1996 – Atlanta
  • World Championships – Sweden 1997
  • Pan Pacific Games – Fukuoka Japan 1997
  • World Championships – Australia 1998
  • Mira Nostra – Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Canet – 1998
  • Commonwealth Games – Malaysia 1998
  • World Championships – Hong Kong 1999
  • Pan Pacific Games – Australia 1999
  • Olympic Games 2000 Sydney
  • Mira Nostra – Monte Carlo, Rome 2001
  • World Championships – Fukoka 2001
  • World Championships – Moscow 2002
  • Commonwealth Games – Manchester 2002
  • World Championships – Barcelona 2003
  • Olympic Games Athens – 2004
  • World Championships – Brazil 2006
  • World Student Games – Bangkok 2007
  • World Championships – Rome 2007
  • Olympic Games Beijing – 2008
  • World Championships – Shanghai 2011
  • Olympic Games London – 2012

Dr. Robert D. Holden – Chiropractor & LaserCare Therapist

Dr. Robert D. Holden

Dr. Robert D. Holden was born in London, Ontario. He grew up in southern Ontario and Quebec – London, Sudbury, Toronto, Montreal, London, and Toronto again. As a young man, he traveled widely throughout North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Dr. Holden graduated as a chiropractor in 1975 from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and practiced as an associate in Cambridge, Ontario from 1975 to 1977. In 1977, he established his own solo practice in Mississauga, Ontario.

In 1983, Dr. Holden opened a new office on a property he developed in Mississauga for that specific purpose. That practice included associate chiropractors, acupuncture, massage therapy, and reflexology, over the years. In 2001, he sold that practice and property and made a move based on a lifestyle decision to live on the West Coast.

Dr. Holden’s primary practice focus has been on health and wellness lifestyle, which encourages people from all ages and backgrounds to seek optimum health choices. He has from time to time made presentations to a wide variety of interested groups on issues involving chiropractic, health, healing, and optimizing life experiences. He is currently available to speak to any groups on any area of his expertise.

He has worked with various minor and recreational sports programs and participants including football, hockey, softball, baseball, tennis, golf, and distance runners. His practice included a myriad of weekend warriors, youth athletes, a few elite athletes, as well as people who played no sports at all.

From time to time, he developed work safety programs to prevent faulty ergonomics for local businesses, most notably Bell Canada, Revlon, and Four Points Hotels.

He works part-time hours at Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre in Brookswood on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. He plays hockey, a lot of golf, and has traveled extensively in recent years to Australia (twice), New Zealand, Greece, Turkey, Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia as well as North America.


Dr. Kevin Murphy – Chiropractor

Dr. Kevin Murphy

Dr. Murphy grew up in North Coquitlam where he began his schooling in French immersion. After finishing high school, he went on to obtain a degree in cell and molecular biology from Simon Fraser University after which he moved to Toronto where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Dr. Murphy began playing sports at a young age, focusing mainly on hockey and lacrosse. He is an avid skier and snowboarder during the winter and loves to play golf during the warmer months. He has taken courses in golf performance and injuries and is interested in how chiropractic can improve the handicap of golfers. While practicing in Langley he has enjoyed working with the Langley Thunder Senior A lacrosse team as their team chiropractor.

Dr. Murphy always knew he wanted a career that involved helping people. He chose chiropractic for its non-invasive and drug-free approach. He believes regular chiropractic care plays an important role in allowing people to stay active and enjoy life for as long as possible. Dr. Murphy has been trained in Active Release Technique and feels it is an important tool for many complaints involving soft tissues.

High quality of life and longevity are his main treatment goals when working with his patients. Whether it be keeping a weekend warrior in the game or simply helping to make everyday activities around the house easier; he finds joy in it all.

Dr. Murphy is a diversified practitioner who looks at how the entire body is functioning when helping patients reach their optimum health. Now, he looks to use the skills and knowledge he has obtained to help others in the community lead happier, healthier lives.


Keith Folkerts – RMT

Kevin Folkerts

Keith Folkerts has graduated from the 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. He has lived in the Brookswood area his whole life and is excited about starting his practice at Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre. He is passionate about helping people reach their goals using a variety of techniques along with exercises. He finds it important to view the body as a single unit and approaches each case individually creating a plan with the patient for future treatments. He has experience in helping people with different types of conditions, such as back pain and headaches, pre- and post-natal, sports injuries, car accident related injuries, and many more. Keith plays a variety of sports and enjoys exercising, reading, and spending time outdoors.

Heather Groot – RMT

Heather Groot

Heather Groot is an honours graduate from Utopia Academy and is a Registered Massage Therapist from the College of Massage Therapy of BC. Before studying to become an RMT, Heather completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Human Kinetics from Trinity Western University.

Heather’s interest in learning about the anatomy and functions of the human body began in high school; she is passionate about helping others to become more aware of how to care for their own bodies through treatment and patient education in order to reduce pain and promote health. Heather uses a variety of techniques in her treatments such as deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, and myofascial release. She has experience treating many different cases including, but not limited to, headaches, whiplash, low back pain, pre- and post-natal massage, and other neurological and orthopedic conditions. Heather will work with each client to create a treatment plan that is unique to their condition and their long term goals.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys being active, reading, taking care of her garden, and being in the great outdoors with her husband.

Marianne Cottingham – RMT

Marianne Cottingham

Marianne, graduated from the 3000 hour registered massage therapy program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy. This program is the most comprehensive study of soft tissue manipulation in North America. She is a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia. Through the program, and extracurricular body work, Marianne gained experience with a wide variety of health conditions and ailments. Some of these include chronic pain, car accident injuries, athletic injuries, neurological conditions, arthritis, post-surgery rehabilitation (scar tissue breakdown), and many more. She had the opportunity to work at GF Strong, British Columbia’s biggest rehabilitation centre for spinal cord and brain injuries, Vancouver General Hospital (burns, plastics and trauma ward), multiple care centres for the elderly and general public, and athletic events such as the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

Marianne has competed at the national level in ice hockey, ball hockey, and officiating ice hockey, as well as some international competition in these sports.

With this elite experience, she has firsthand knowledge of an athlete’s journey throughout training and competition.

Alanna Augustin – RMT

Alanna Augustine

Alanna Augustin studied massage therapy at Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon, BC. She was voted a Student of the Year during her first year of massage college and graduated with an award for high marks and perfect attendance. Before moving to Langley, she spent nearly two years doing massage at Silver Hills, a health spa and retreat centre in the Okanagan, where she gained a practical education in holistic health. Alanna's first experience with massage was when she was little, when her dad would ask her to walk on his back to alleviate back pain. Although her techniques have since changed, she still loves the gratification she gets from helping someone improve their health. Her interest in natural and preventative health continues to grow.

She uses a variety of techniques, including myofascial release, trigger point release, and deep tissue massage to treat injury or malfunction, or perform maintenance. She has experience treating clients with a variety of concerns, including headaches, post MVA injuries, neck and back pain, and maternity massage. Alanna also believes that the client has a large part to play in their own healing and care, which is why she gives clients homecare exercises.

When she is not at the clinic, she can be found cooking, camping, playing her guitar, or hopping on a plane for a far off adventure.

Alanna looks forward to meeting and working with you!

Leah Firth – RMT

Leah Firth

Leah Firth graduated from her studies as a Registered Massage Therapist from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in November 2015. While in school, Leah gained hands-on experience in the school clinic and in many out reaches including but not limited to Vancouver General Hospital (burns, plastics, trauma unit), GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre working with brain and spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis outreach, and UBC outreach treating a wide range of athletes. Some techniques that Leah finds herself incorporating into her treatments the most are Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, and active stretching.

Leah has lived in North Langley her entire life playing multiple sports including softball, soccer, ringette, and basketball. Although she no longer plays team sports, she remains active through hiking, biking, and running as often as she can.

James Smith – Registered Clinical Counselor & Social Worker

James Smith

James Smith has an associate relationship with Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre. He is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Social Worker with 36 years’ experience in youth and family counselling. He is available for individual, marital/relationship, and family therapy, depression, life stress therapy, and trauma counselling.

Marina Kolyuzhina – LaserCare Technician

Marina Kolyuzhina

Growing up, Marina always knew she wanted to work with people, helping them to overcome any illnesses and live healthy and happy lives. Marina is a foreign trained doctor from Russia who specialized in dermatology for 6 years, providing excellent health care for children and adults. Marina married and moved to Canada in 2007 to raise her family and enjoy all that this country has to offer. Marina had the desire to work in the medical field in Canada and found an opportunity to join the LaserCare Therapeutics team in Langley in March 2010. Marina now enjoys the fact that she can once again provide quality care to patients, helping them recover from pain or injury, doing what she can to help patients live happier, healthy lives.

Teresa Reid – Certified Orthotic Technician

Teresa Reid

Teresa Reid has been an indispensable asset to Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre since 2001. Her combination of people skills, adaptability, related health courses, and her own personal interest and belief in a healthy lifestyle, allow her to be involved in many aspects within the clinic.

As a Certified Orthotic Technician with both FootMaxx and The Orthotic Group, she is the key team member and technician in Footprints Orthotics. Following in her belief that exercise and proper nutrition is the key to health in today’s busy lifestyle, Teresa has become a Certified First Line Therapist. First Line Therapy is a therapeutic lifestyle program.

Teresa was trained in Toronto on the correct medical application of Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT). In September 2005, she was presented with her “Laser Therapy Certificate” from Meditech International.

Contributing to her background, Teresa has also earned a Certificate from the Alive Academy for Anatomy and Physiology. This has given her a thorough understanding of the design and function of the human body. Her combination of skills and knowledge make her a great asset to the patients and practitioners at Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre.

Teresa has lived in Langley for 30 years and enjoys participating in many local events and festivals. One of her personal achievements includes completing the 10k run portion of the Honolulu Marathon.

Brian Jones – Kinesiologist, Rehabilitation & Exercise Specialist

Brian Jones

Brian Jones studied kinesiology at SFU. Brian is a Registered Personal Trainer through the BCRPA. He also has a Health and Fitness Certificate from SFU. He has completed all the components of BC Sports Aid Program, through the Sports Medicine Council of BC which includes injury taping and management.

Brian has also completed Sport Strength Specialist Program through canfitpro™ and has attained endless amounts of certificates for rehabilitation courses he has taken outside of his kinesiology studies.

Brian’s 20 years of personal training experience will aid clients with post rehabilitation and injury recovery, sports specific training, positive lifestyle changes, body composition changes, functional training, and all fitness related goals.

The Lifeforce Proactive Staff

The staff at Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre is always working in the background to ensure that both our clients and our practitioners can focus on achieving your health goals. Our office team includes the following staff:

Irena – Patient Care Coordinator

Irena Byrtus

Irena has been part of our clinical team as a Patient Care Coordinator since September 2015.Irena's responsibilities include, developing treatment plans and other case management tools, coordinating information, care requirements with other providers, identifying progress toward desired care outcomes, and recording public relations.

She also participates in our patient Proactive Health Classes, where we provide orientation and education to our patients and their families in relations to the condition they are suffering from and the treatment required.Her solid experience in a health care environment and passion to help others results in the ability to deal successfully with the demands of a busy and diverse patient base.

Personal attention and genuine concern for patients is her priority. In her spare time, Irena loves to travel, stay fit, read, and spend time with family.

Leanne – Clinical Assistant

Leanne Bryce

Leanne has been an integral part of our clinical team as a chiropractic assistant since October 2012. She is responsible for various tasks including scheduling, interacting with patients, training new employees, creating and implementing new policies and procedures, supervising staff, as well as performing various objective tests with patients. Leanne has a wonderful rapport with all of our patients at Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre which range in age from young to elderly patients. She has a special talent at making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed at our office. She is caring and compassionate and always goes the extra mile to help support the practitioners during their daily routine to ensure that they are always on track with patients and flow. Recently Leanne has joined the Footprints Orthotics team alongside Teresa assisting in scans. During her time here she also went to school part-time to receive her Business Administration Diploma from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Kristen – Clinical Assistant

Kristen Hunter

Kristen joined the Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre team in 2014, working part-time as a patient care coordinator and chiropractic assistant for our clinical team. She is responsible for numerous tasks including interacting with patients, assisting the doctors with various types of scans, day to day bookkeeping, implementing policies and procedures, as well as helping the clinical staff train new members of the Lifeforce team. Kristen moved to BC in 2006 from St. Catharines, Ontario to explore new adventures. It was an excellent choice as she is now a wife and mother of two amazing kids. Kristen has been a wonderful addition to our clinic, with her positive attitude and welcoming personality. Kristen thrives at making each patient feel welcomed and comfortable.

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