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Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre in Langley is committed to promoting health and wellness for all, by providing outstanding patient care, empathetic support, and ongoing education. Our objective is to increase individual health awareness and provide those patients serious about improving their health with the means to do so.

Reaching your health care goals is as simple as forming a partnership with our clinical team. Think of our team members (chiropractors, registered massage therapists, laser therapists, foot orthotics specialists, and shockwave therapists) as health care coaches that specialize in providing the knowledge you need in the healing environment you desire to help you reach your personal goals quickly.

Lifeforce Proactive Health Centre is also a sports injury clinic. We work with athletes on a regular basis and are able to address their needs effectively. The goal of sports injury clinics is to take the time to help an athlete recover from an injury, or to help them improve athletic performance through chiropractic treatments. Dr. Mikkelsen has worked with many international competitive sports teams to help with injury prevention and performance optimization.

Whether you’re seeking a shockwave therapist to deal with your current symptoms, a chiropractor to give you a more permanent resolution to your health concerns, or a sports injury clinic to enhance your performance in the competitive arena, our team will tailor your program of care to fit your needs.

Call us to book an appointment today for chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, shockwave therapy, laser therapy, or custom foot orthotics!

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